MORE: Glow Baobab + Ginseng

The organic superfoods that complement your beauty routine We plant one tree in Sub-Saharan Africa for each Glow box

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  • For glowing skin, shiny hair and smooth digestion
  • Naturally high in essential vitamins and minerals
  • 100% organic baobab and ginseng
  • 42 vegan capsules (21 of each) for a 3 weeks cure


Glowing, radiant skin 
Rich in anti-oxidants + promoting collagen formation 

Stronger nails & fuller hair 
Reinforcing properties through Omega 3, 6 and 9 

Flatter stomach 
Smooth digestion through essential dietary fibers 

Immune system boost 
The right vitamins to improve your body's natural defenses



On average, the nutrients in one apple today are equivalent to 1/4 of the same apple 15 years ago. That's been caused by soil depletion and industrial conservation techniques. You should get all the nutrients you need out of your diet, so you can worry less about which restaurants you hit or which foods you buy. That's why we created the MORE packs.

We think your supplements should be powerful and sustainable. We put quality above all else and we contribute to the cycle.

This "MORE: GLOW" pack corresponds to a tree being planted in sub-Saharan Africa, where baobab trees are grown and sustain the lives of local farmers.



Baobab has been proven to lower your glycemic response to food. High glycemic indexes lead to blemished skin. 
Study by: UK Government Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes.

There currently are hundreds published general studies on the properties of baobab. For more information or to highlight your research, contact us here


The anti-inflammatory properties of ginseng have been proven through its natural compound, Rg3. Anti-inflammatory effects are linked to improvements in your skin’s complexion. 
Study by: Jae Joon Wee et al, published in: Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects, 2nd edition.

There currently are thousands published general studies on the properties of ginseng. For more information or to highlight your research, contact us here

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